The driving force behind our quest for the perfect saddle liner? Our passion for horses and the equestrian industry.

>> Prepare and Prevent: Gear up for Spring with Merino Wool to Avoid Equine Dermatitis

Spring is a month away! I know there are many Equestrians in the more northern regions that feel ready for it! For many of them, it’s time to ramp up training to get in shape for competitions and work. For those in the more southern regions, it means it’s going to get hotter and we’re going to be battling with the environment to keep our horses in top-shape.

Overall, we’re all facing the increased risks of equine ailments, especially skin conditions such as Equine Dermatitis. At this time, prevention is paramount. Of course, proper nutrition is key, as is proper animal husbandry and barn-keeping. Anything you can do directly for the horse and its surroundings to avoid hospitable environments for bacteria – do it!

One way to prevent bacterial infections is to ensure quality equipment is being used and used properly on the horse. Leaving anything that covers the skin for too long while it’s wet and warm after a workout creates bacteria thriving conditions. Add friction during a workout to this equation, we risk even more problems.

Choose quality and natural fibers that are breathable allowing air to reach the skin surface, and ideally with moisture-managing properties. So keep your saddle pads clean! One way to do this is by using a thin saddle liner as a base layer that can be easily washed.

That’s where our 100% Merino Wool felt saddle liners come in. Not only are they breathable and washable, but their natural superfine fibers have antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria. With these liners you’re protecting your horse’s back as well as your saddle pads.

In a way, Merino wool acts as a second skin. According to the study, Wool is Good for the Skin, published by The Woolmark Company, “Wool can absorb and release twice as much moisture vapor as cotton and 30 times as much as polyester. When worn next to the skin, wool works to buffer the dynamic micro-climate between the fabric and the skin, helping to stabilize the humidity and temperature.” This study is focused on human skin, especially babies’ skin which is most sensitive.

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