We know horses make us better people, and the care we provide is the only opportunity we have to pay them back.

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Ethical Farming. Our Merino wool is sourced from Australia where approximately 70-million free-range Merino sheep graze on extensive conserved grassland terrains.


Environment Friendly. Merino wool decomposes much quicker than synthetics, and releases valuable nutrients back into the soil.


Sustainability. Merino wool is completely renewable as Australian Merino Sheep produce a new fleece every year that is sheared without causing the animal any harm.

We know horses make us better people, and the care we provide is the only opportunity we have to pay them back.

Our Story >> A Quest for Quality

Steed Armor began at the back of the Founder’s horse trailer. While sorting through their saddling equipment, they noticed how worn and rough their new saddle liner was only after a few uses.

This began the search for a quality saddle liner that would better protect horses from abrasion, and prevent wear and tear on saddle pads. We wanted a liner that would stand up to use and abuse, but quickly discovered that no satisfactory product existed.

Thus began a quest for the perfect material to create the perfect saddle liner.

Australian Merino wool was the answer. It proved to have the necessary durability and softness, and it offered many unmatched benefits, such as moisture wicking, temperature regulation, washability, odor control, and more.

Then it was time for rigorous trial and improvement. Even once we knew that Merino wool was the ideal material, we wanted to ensure that we formed it into the perfect thickness and composition to maximize durability, breathability, cushioning, and flexibility. It took time, effort, and perseverance, but the results are outstanding.

The driving force behind our quest for the perfect saddle liner? Our passion for horses. We at Steed Armor believe that horses make us better people, and that we owe them kindness and compassionate care. We want to keep them as comfortable and content as possible, and our 100% Merino wool saddle liners help achieve that goal.

Value also matters to us. We understand how costly equestrian pursuits can be, and how important it is to invest in high quality and durable equipment. Steed Armor products meet the highest standards at a remarkably reasonable price. Their value becomes obvious as they withstand use and washing — and last.

As our story continues, we hope you’ll become fans of our products, and that we can help you provide the best care and better comfort for your horses.

“These saddle liners are phenomenal. Merino wool is in a league of its own and ideal as a base layer. I ride in Merino Wool socks during all seasons to keep my feet dry and comfortable. Now I can apply the same benefits to the horses in my care.”

Cliff Schadt Jr., Colt Starting Champion, Trainer, and Clinician.

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