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Passing on Appreciation of Quality and Value

by | Jun 29, 2019 | Why We’re Doing This | 0 comments

At Steed Armor, one of our biggest goals is to craft a product that can be appreciated across several generations of horsemen and horsewomen. We understand the deep seated passion that makes us who we are – a passion that is often passed down generation after generation.

What we specifically want to ensure is passed down, is the appreciation and experience of lasting quality. As well, the understanding and respect for what it takes to make that happen. We’re incredibly proud of our quality Merino Wool Saddle Liners. They’re made with only the finest Merino wool felted in a way to withstand the hard work we put in our saddles while setting up our horses for their best possible performance. Read more about our Merino wool!

You could say our drive to make a product that passes down this appreciation derives from the origins of our wool. This passion can be witnessed in the lives of the woolgrowers in Australia who diligently grow our fine Merino wool everyday. These family-owned farmers understand that they aren’t just growing wool, but are also responsible for sustaining a commodity and impression for generations to come. These woolgrowers are conscious of their natural resources, they are constantly coming up with innovative and sustainable farming techniques to keep the best Merino wool growing while preserving their lands, “We owe it to the land, we owe it to the property and I think we owe it to the next generation.”

With the daily finesse that’s involved in wool-growing, it’s no surprise that Australian wool farmers are currently growing the world’s best wool. We’re proud of our partnership with them and hope that by sharing their story we can help pass down the appreciation of quality and respect for our natural resources across generations.

Learn more about these Australian wool farmers in this video courtesy of Woolmark

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