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“Steed Armor saddle liners serve so many purposes. They really keep my saddle pads in place and my horses’ backs drier. I’ve even had less sore back muscles. Love them!” Stassie Pyne

2X IPRN Barrel Racing World Champion

“My horses work hard for me, and I owe them the best care I can offer. Steed Armor saddle liners keep them more comfortable and their backs drier. I love how they fit and allow my good saddle pads to last longer.” Cindy Wright

12X WPRA Barrel Racing Finalist, Trainer, and Inventor of The Right Bits

“These saddle liners are phenomenal. Merino Wool is in a league of its own and ideal as a base layer. I ride in Merino Wool socks during all seasons to keep my feet dry and comfortable. Now I can apply the same benefits to the horses in my care.” Cliff Schadt Jr.

Colt Starting Champion, Trainer, and Clinician

“This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’ve been keeping an eye out for a thin durable pad to use under my thicker wool pads, which will also help keep my horses’ backs drier and more comfortable.” Joe Farren

PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider, Cutting Horse Trainer, and Rancher

“I slid the Merino Wool boot inserts in my riding boots and within 10 minutes I could tell a huge difference in the temperature and improved comfort of my feet. I also tried the saddle liner, and if my horse can feel the difference like I can… it has to make things more comfortable!” Jimbo Albritton

Owner & Trainer of Flying A Performance Horses

“As a Steer Wrestler, Roper, and Equine Dentist there are no days without horses for me. They’re my life. And I know first hand the significance of any improvement we can make for them. Steed Armor is the first thing I put on my horse.” Cord Spradley

Professional Cowboy and Equine Dentist

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